“It’s Not About Prosperity Of Things”

The images used in this graphic page contrast two different worlds, yet whatever the Gospel is, it must have a message for both worlds.

The New Testament tells us that Jesus went about “preaching the gospel” and telling people to “believe the gospel.”

But what was that message? And what does it have to say to hurting children?

Why do I think “Seed Faith”and “The Prosperity Gospel” fail to represent the Gospel that Jesus preached? I think this partly because there are impoverished children in the world who have nothing, absolutely nothing to give to God or anyone else. No food. Not even a rag to cover their nakedness.

I believe that the Gospel that Jesus preached must be the same for anyone anywhere.

Whatever the Gospel is…it just can’t tell a hurting and impoverished child, “Once you know Jesus, give to Him and He will give back to you ten times as much, a hundred times as much, even a thousand times as much!”

There are children in the world who do have something, but the culture or society in which they live is not set up for material gain. They are only exchanging one scrap of spoiled food for another, one rag for another.

Whatever the Gospel is…it can’t tell an impoverished child, “Get prosperity! Give to God and He will give even more back to you! As soon as you get anything valuable put it in God’s bank and collect your reward!”

Eventually the impoverished child may begin to doubt that they know Jesus because they have nothing to give Him and no way of getting anything back in return.

Yet God can give each of us anywhere in the world, impoverished or not, seeds of kindness and goodness and peace that we can plant in the lives of other people and reap a harvest of those same things for ourselves.

Therein is found prosperity of heart.

15 thoughts on ““It’s Not About Prosperity Of Things”

  1. Reblogged this on Live 4 Him and commented:
    I have had great laughs reading the posts on this blog but today was different – a tear or two and the need to have others think about the Jesus we try to present – please read – please reflect – please change what is not right in your presentation of the gospel

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      1. That has been my issue with how the gospel is presented, and I agree the gospel should not appeal to a specific group of people while excluding another group.

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      2. Thanks, and I really appreciate your feedback because sometimes I wonder if I’ve communicated well enough. There are a lot of people who I think are “Church Outsiders.” I have a heart for people who struggle with hurt and pain, particularly LGBT, alcoholics, homeless, those who have been abused, really anyone who doesn’t “fit in.”


      3. I resonated with this blog. I have been a church outsider, and I’ve been told I don’t fit. Factor in abuses from the church, and I’m burned out; but I don’t dismiss all churches or all christians. I consider my myself a christian, and I care about the gospel, but the culture of many churches keeps some people from making an informed choice on Jesus.

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