“The Miracle Pie (Part 2)”

This is #008 of “The Lloyd Servant Show” and it shows the second half of a “mini-telethon” by “Lloyd Servant” (actually named Bradley Martin). This is what he called “make or break”in the previous comic strip! He is sinking everything he has into this one short bit of television air time!

We see more of his deceptive sneaky word tricks! We also see that even though there were only eight slices of Betty Mae’s original American Christian Apple Pie, there are going to be countless fake Betty Mae pie slices bringing in buckets of cash!

Will all of this be exposed by newspaper publisher Henry “Hank” Chandler?!? Will Betty Mae receive her life-saving surgery in time?!? Will we ever get to see Bradley Martin’s wife, Bradeena?!? Is she the mysterious voice on the other end of the phone who has only ever said, “I will let my Bradley know”?!? To be continued!!!

“The events depicted in this comic strip are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.”

For first time or new readers, this comic strip is part of a series. You can catch up with the plot line by selecting the menu icon in the upper right corner and then “The Lloyd Servant Show” under “Categories.” Scroll down to get to the very beginning!

9 thoughts on ““The Miracle Pie (Part 2)”

  1. I love how you satire the likes of Jim Bakker, Robert Tilton, Creflo Dollar and such. They have deceived so many with their prosperity doctrine and caused cynacism amongst non-believers. Not nearly enough Christian leaders speak out against such deception.

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    1. Thanks! I appreciate that, and I think one of the worst parts is when people discover the kind of luxuries that their hard-earned money has bought for someone else. I believe this was never what Jesus intended. The other part that really hurts is when people give up on Jesus because they did not get their “unexpected check in the mail for exactly 10 times more than what they gave to the televangelist’s ministry.” (And there are testimonies to that effect, but I think that’s a great deal like your odds of winning the lottery!) Thanks again!

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