“The Miracle Pie (Part 1)”

Thanks everyone for understanding about no real comic strip yesterday. I am truly appreciative of the “likes” that you gave me on yesterday’s post even though there wasn’t anything there really except an apology! So I have the new cable for the charger and I’m getting back on track…I hope! Anyway, since I’m off of the routine anyway, no “catch up comic strips” for today. Instead, I’m posting a two-part comic strip for “The Lloyd Servant Show”! The second part will post tomorrow on the regularly scheduled day! Thanks again, everyone!)

This is #007 of “The Lloyd Servant Show” and it shows the first half of a “mini-telethon” by “Lloyd Servant” (actually named Bradley Martin). This is what he called “make or break”in the previous comic strip. He is sinking everything he has into this one short bit of television air time!

Will eight slices of pie, even at $1000 a slice, be enough to pay all of Betty Mae’s hospital bills from her life-saving surgery?!? And who would be willing to pay that much for a single slice of pie? Let alone $10 for a recipe!?! And what would you bet that’s not really a photograph of Betty Mae!?!

More to follow in Part 2 of “The Miracle Pie”! But be careful! WARNING!!! This will be two consecutive days of his Hypnotic Glasses! Can you withstand them?!? (Seriously, there were a “real” thing in the old comic books from way back when! But that another comic strip for another day!)

“The events depicted in this comic strip are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.”

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