“Godzilla vs. The Alien Invaders”

Before anything else, I should probably point out that this is just a thinking exercise. Hopefully it’s about something completely different from any type of issue or question you may have come across in the media or popular culture.

So what do you think? If there was a movie out titled “Godzilla vs. The Space Aliens,” should you vigorously protest it? Should you go and see it?

For me, this question presents a mixture of “Essentials” and “Non- Essentials,” but it may not for you!

So what about Godzilla? He is a big dinosaur-like creature, sort of a mutant caused by radiation. He causes a lot of destruction of property, and there are probably people killed in the buildings that he demolishes. He seems to have a special connection with children. As far as we know, he doesn’t really have a soul. He’s just a big beast who is a hero in the end. Does any of this alter the image of God as He has revealed Himself in the Bible? Does this limit God and make him smaller? Does this in any way conflict with the cross of Jesus? (Godzilla is also a favorite of Laser Eyes Jesus for obvious reasons, but don’t let that sway you.)

So…Godzilla: “Essential” (get your protest signs and petitions) or “Non-Essential” (get your bucket of popcorn and extra large soda pop)?

So what about Alien Invaders? If they have come on a spaceship with weapons, they are obviously more than a beast and not of our God-created earth. They have intelligence and a will since they are set on invading and conquering earth! They are coming to earth to kill, demolish, potentially enslave or exterminate the human race. If these were human beings, we would probably call those things sinful. So would God have created life on another planet with intelligence and a will that are capable of doing sinful things with no savior to redeem them? Does any of this alter the image of God as He has revealed Himself in the Bible? Would this mean that Jesus would also have to be incarnate on their planet as well? Die for them and be resurrected from the dead? Does this limit God and make Him smaller?

So…Alien Invaders: “Essential” (get your protest signs and petitions) or “Non-Essential” (get your bucket of popcorn and extra large soda pop)?

Remembering that this is just an exercise in thinking and I’ve tried to remain neutral in this so that you can think for yourself, nevertheless I feel compelled to include at least one Bible verse and one “This, I believe, is Real Life Jesus.”

And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14 (NASB)

God Himself has taken on human flesh, I believe, in Real Life Jesus. This sure seems like a permanent, from this time forward, forever, no turning back commitment. And though He had flesh just like you and me, He now has a glorified body, just as you and I will have! Now that’s definitely something to consider that’s not science fiction!

23 thoughts on ““Godzilla vs. The Alien Invaders”

  1. LOL! I think it is wonderful that you can deliver a message of faith in the most absurd way, taking what the ultra religious would consider blaspheme, and turn it preaching God’s message. I LOVE IT!

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  2. I remember that once C.S. Lewis wrote about the possibility of aliens; he seemed to think that because they were (1.) also God’s creation as much as absolutely everything else was, they were (2.) not fallen because they weren’t involved with / affected by Adam’s sins. So they were probably giving earth a wide berth until God had mopped up our sin problem so that we could interact on the same level. Or (3.) they might not have heard of Jesus and need us to preach the gospel so that we could live together in heaven, our alien brothers and sisters in Christ and us. (The World’s Last Night and Other Essays, is the name of his book in which he speaks on the subject.)
    Sometimes I think that we can get so caught up in our human-centric theology that we lack the imagination needed to think beyond our tiny globe.

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    1. I like what you said about our need to think beyond our tiny globe, and it’s possible that some of us often have a difficult time thinking beyond our group or tribe or nation (at least I do). Thanks for commenting on this little thinking exercise and adding a few more items to ponder!


  3. I like the comment by Jammie Carter.
    To put my weird spin on it and this is something I have thought about for years is (and this is based on the thought we truly no nothing of God) He could very well be what we would call an alien.

    I know I could go into some real deep Fox Mulder stuff and go completely off topic here but I wont.!The one I will say is primitive people saw things they couldn’t understand and described it the best they could. Ezekiel’s Wheel for example. But I digress. Lol This was a fun and great way to get the brain juices flowing. Great read!

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    1. Glad you enjoyed this thinking exercise! I’m not sure what I’d do if I had to give up my favorite old alien invader and monster movies! I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of or seen “Mystery Science Theater 3000” but it is just about the best ever!

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  4. Have you read CS Lewis’s sci fi trilogy in which he imagines alien worlds that have a relationship with God (Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength). Or Walker Percy’s “Lost in the Cosmos” a non-fiction thought experiment on why humans know so little about themselves but so much about the cosmos. Percy is a Christian. Laser Eyes Jesus must like Star Trek too, all those phazer beams :). Let me add to your thinking exercise: can a Christian writer/movie maker create a story with bad people and even a bad ending and still call themselves Christian? My answer is, yes, because fiction is meant to present reality in all it’s messiness. I don’t think its wrong to show bad things happening, like Gozilla smashing Tokyo, its peoples reaction to the hardships that can display Christ-likeness. What do you think?

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    1. Have not read any of those! Will need to add them to my list. (The past few year most of my free time reading had been non-fiction “how to” relate to restoring and renovating my old house.) things are finally getting under control…no more holes in the floor, for example…so I think I’d enjoy reading them!

      Laser Eyes Jesus and Star Trek? With phasers? Without a doubt! Or as Spock would say, “It’s only logical!”

      Now as for your question about a Christian writer/movie maker creating a story with bad people and a bad ending? Yes. Yes, I do. The first plot line that comes to mind is, “What would the world be like if Jesus had never been resurrected? Only crucified? No giving of the Holy Spirit? Just “a nice guy” who was on the wrong side of a religious/political conflict. And really that is sadly what a good number of people think Jesus was all about. What would it be like to show in a book or in a film what life would be like here on earth if things really were the way that they want to believe? With Jesus just as “a nice guy and a good teacher” who was unfairly crucified and never rose from the dead? That may not be what you had in mind, but any kind of plot that showed people at their worst with no hope and no happy ending but with some still portraying Christ-likeness? Yes I can definitely see that.

      Great thought exercise! Thanks!

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  5. Does this alter the image of God,?”or, “Does this limit God and make him smaller?”

    I saw both those movies as a child, (admittedly made in the 1950s) but I don’t remember them, or any other movie, altering the image I had of God, or making God seem smaller for me. ( Is that a run-on sentence?)lol

    Very interesting subject. I think Lewis had it right about aliens. I’m sure there are many billions of people/creatures on other planets, but they steer clear of this place for now.

    Is not going to movies, because they are fictional and usually violent and sexual, an essential? Only an opinion, but I would say no. However, I would ask myself if it is a good and helpful use of time. And, would Jesus watch it? I did quit watching most shows because they seemed to bring up anger in my heart against the bad guy (ex: the Governor in Walking Dead), or I would see nudity that stayed in my head.

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    1. I like that “Is it a good and helpful use of time?” So true! For me, I like the old science fiction monster and alien movies, partly because I know it’s all made up. Now the shows and movies that I really don’t like to watch are the ones drug dealers and psychotic crazy people! That’s because I know there are people like that. But then, that’s just me.

      As I think you said, it’s up to each person to decide what is right for them according to how God leads and directs them!

      Oh, and the other thing that makes those old scary shows so much fun is how fake all of the special effects are. I mean you can tell Godzilla is really just a guy in a big rubber suit!

      Anyway, thanks for participating in this thinking exercise!

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    1. I have to say that I agree with you there, although I tried to stay on the neutral side as much as I could because the question really is “Should you vigorously protest a movie like that or go and see it?” (Rather than whether or not there are aliens out there. ) Personally, I don’t think that the existence of aliens on other planets fits with what God has revealed of Himself to us, but I still watch the old science fiction movies on television because I think they’re kind of cool. Thanks for the link. That may be helpful to some who ponder this question.

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  6. Hey Nickel, I see you deleted my comment. That’s cool, I still like you :). I guess it’s more important to be liked by people than to stand up for the Truth. Remember Nickel, measure everything with scripture, don’t let yourself be carried away by anything else it’s not worth it. May you seek first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness. You’re always welcome to comment on posts anytime you like. Take care Nickel.

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    1. You may have missed yesterday’s post, not really a full comic strip and no extra words. It explained that there wasn’t a regular comic strip yesterday because I had to get a new charging cable for my iPad Mini. (It’s all I have as far as internet access! Low battery charge! Yikes!) So I didn’t do anything else with WordPress after that for the day. So far the only comments I’ve ever deleted have been those “spam” ones. Everything is set for moderation so that it doesn’t post until after I’ve reviewed it. My main reason for even doing the moderation thing is to filter out bad language, not ideas or beliefs.

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  7. ” He now has a glorified body, just as you and I will have!”

    He sure has Nickel, and He’s around us. U can trust me, I’m a Messenger of God and The Lord revealed it to me. Soon The Rapture will occur, and we will get new bodies! 😀

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