“The Faked Photograph”

This is #005 of “The Lloyd Servant Show,” and it reveals the full photograph taken by “Lloyd Servant” (actually named Bradley Martin) only in a black-and-white paladium print ready for publication!

It also introduces three new characters: Henry “Hank” Chandler, publisher of “The Daily Pilot” newspaper and two other very mysterious unnamed characters!

We almost find out what tipped off hank to the fact that the photograph was faked? Can you tell? With three new characters introduced, there’s no telling where the plot will go!

“The events depicted in this comic strip are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.”


Last week’s Reader’s Poll results are in! 67% voted “Betty Mae should have a miraculous fake recovery” and 33% voted “Betty Mae should die and begin a zombie apocalypse.” Sorry, zombie fans, looks like I’m going to need to figure out a way for Betty Mae to have a miraculous fake recovery! As they say on the old TV shows…“To be continued!”

2 thoughts on ““The Faked Photograph”

  1. Yes, I noticed what seemed fake the first time and it made me laugh. I guess i won’t write it here and see how everyone votes. Unfortunately, fake healings happen all the time on TV. I’ve read a book on that and a lot of articles. It gives a bad impression of Christianity.

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    1. Yes, I agree. I think maybe some readers didn’t want to see Betty Mae dying, even though she’s just a comic strip character! And I think that people don’t want to see her injury being used as a money-making opportunity for Bradley Martin, better known as “Lloyd Servant.” So this does add a bit of a challenge for me because I don’t want him to wheel her out in front of a camera and do a miraculous type of healing prayer. Anyway, there are lots of possibilities, especially now that new mysterious characters have been added! Thanks!

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