“What’s This? Pudding Cups?!?”

Today’s comic strip finishes up this short series. Honestly, these nighttime views have been a surprise to me, I hadn’t planned for them, they just seemed right.

So we see that Laser Eyes Jesus isn’t really so bad after all. He’s just trying to do the best he can with what he has, like all of us are. He is not irredeemable, as none of us are irredeemable.

He just needs to have his spiritual eyes opened. How that will happen?…I truly don’t know as I had not planned for this comic strip to have a plot line! More to come! Stay tuned!!!

Sometimes a comic strip is just a comic strip and a pudding cup is just a pudding cup.

But comforting others, being there for people who have no one else…well, that’s something far far greater.

Many thanks to everyone who strives to be the hands of Jesus in this troubled world. You give us all hope and challenge us all to do the same.

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