“Absolutely Undeniable Proof!”

I’m giving this a try on Monday mornings rather than Sunday evenings. I’m thinking it might be good to start the week with something ridiculously silly! Plus I never imagined I’d have this many comic strips and ideas! It’s hard to plan them out over the week! Please take the survey below! What is to become of Betty Mae?!?

This is #004 of “The Lloyd Servant Show” and it gives the full photograph take by “Lloyd Servant” (actually named Bradley Martin). he wants to capitalize on the tragedy in the life of one of his followers, Betty Mae Butler, while seeking to place the blame on none other than…Nickel Boy Graphics!

But is the photgraph genuine or a carefully-crafted fake?!!

“The events depicted in this comic strip are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.”


So how about some reader input for the storyline?

From what we know, Bradley Martin, known by dozens of his television viewers as “Lloyd Servant, Your Servant of the Lloyd,” has begun to capitalize on the injury of his follower, Betty Mae Butler. It sounds like he is planning to pull the plug and collect some insurance money!

What should happen next?!?

17 thoughts on ““Absolutely Undeniable Proof!”

    1. Thanks, I’m interested in seeing which way you guys think the story like should go! And I just had to put the “zombie apocalypse” in there as a choice! (A very good friend of mine grew up near where “Night Of The Living Dead” was filmed, so she gives me zombie stuff!)

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  1. HA HA HAAAA! That’s hilarious your voting options made me feel a bit guilty. I was gonna say she should die, just to show what a fraud he is, but i felt bad loool. I have two childhood friends I’m thinking of right now as I read this. They would’ve loved this.


    1. This really is a good subject to speak about. Generally when I locate stuff like this I stumble it. This post probably wo¢Ã¬â‚nâ„¢t do nicely with that crowd. I will probably be positive to submit something else though.

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    1. Yep. I base them on old magazine ads and photos from the 1950’s and 60’s. I do all of my drawings on an iPad Mini 4. This is very different from anything that I had ever imagined doing.

      My biggest concern is that I truly don’t want anyone to think that I am making fun of Jesus. You’ll notice that I don’t ever draw Jesus, only Laser Eyes Jesus who is an example of the false messiahs that showed up around the time of Our Savior Jesus. In fact from time to time Laser Eyes Jesus refers to “that guy on the next hill over there” meaning the Real Life Jesus that you and I know.

      Another thing that you may have picked up on is how the televangelist never says “Lord.” He always says “Lloyd” instead of “Lord.” That was something that I had to really pray about because of 1 Corinthians 12:3 and so by calling himself “Lloyd” and our Lord “Lloyd” he is essentially saying he is lord of his own life, just as we are without Jesus.

      Sorry, I got a little off-track there! So, yes, I do all of the graphics myself, and if this work helps people to better establish Jesus as Lord in their lives, I’m grateful to God. That’s more important than people agreeing with me 100%. Thanks!

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  2. I gave to one of our church’s evangelists one time. I was in my twenties then. Well, I got letters from them so often it became irritating. One of them said, “My wife’s birthday is this month. Could you give a donation…?” My husband and I were poor at the time. We laughed at the ridiculous ways they would ask for money.

    My mom gets a publication from her church and in every magazine there is a story of how some old couple has left their money to the church. I know churches need money though, so they can do what it takes, I guess.

    But I often think of George Mueller, who founded orphanages in England and helped so many children. He had decided to never ask for money from anyone but God: and God miraculously helped him shelter, feed and clothe those children. To me, that is real faith.

    As for where your story should go…Man, I have no idea but I’m sure God will guide you.

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  3. NBG, I think this comic strip is genius and pure gold. You weave a special and serious message into a funny comic in a way I’ve not seen before. I hope you find a way to enlarge your audience so that more people hear the Lord’s message. Keep up the great work.

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    1. Thanks, Will. That really means a lot to me. There are times here that I wonder, “Is that just only what I want to say? Only what I think I should say?” and “Is this really what the Lord wants me to say?” Sometimes I am so unsure, and I guess that’s where faith comes in and I tap the “Publish” button! This is when feedback really does help me a lot! If I get the comic strip and message right, then I know that the Lord can use it to reach people. At least that is my hope. Thanks again! John

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