“Feeling Good About Ourselves”

I had really planned to “retire” Ashley Jennifer Smith as a letter writer, but this week I came across something on WordPress that I found very disturbing. It was a series of posts made by a church that proclaimed they didn’t allow atheists, homosexuals, whores, or people with autism into their church building.

After I got over my shock, I remembered one of Laura’s Lists several weeks ago titled “People We Don’t Like, Don’t Want In Our Church, And Don’t Want To Spend Eternity With.” I had no idea that there were actually churches with the word “Christian” in their name that believed like this so publicly. In that comic strip, I was thinking more along the lines of “That person is so irritating! How am I ever going to spend all eternity in heaven with them?!”

So this letter from Ashley today is based on seeing that on WordPress and to make sure that you realize these posts are never intended to make anyone feel alienated and bad about themselves. If I am to represent Christ properly in this world, I can’t shut anyone out, not even those who would seek to shut me out.

With that explained…

I do think that I may be giving Laura a hard time. To tell you the truth, I do see some of my own un-Christlike ways in this character. I’m just dragging that “stuff” out into the light of day to deal with it.

I did try switching it up where Rob had the list idea rather than Laura, but it still ends up with Laura potentially looking “not nice.” When she says she didn’t need to give up anything to become a Christian, we don’t know if (1) that’s because she believes God’s gifts are free or (2) because she thought that she was already practically perfect without God. How you look at it is important.

So potentially, Laura could be relying on her own righteousness but maybe not. Could this ambiguity causes self-reflection in readers…maybe, maybe not? I do hope so though. Know what you believe and why, even if we don’t agree.

As far as drawing comic strips that make you feel good about yourself…? All I can really say is that too often I’ve seen “feeling good about ourselves” caused by “group membership loyalty.” I don’t want to come across as being aligned with any one particular denomination or group. I want to avoid any resemblance to “our group is right, and your group is wrong” because Jesus prayed for our unity.

2 thoughts on ““Feeling Good About Ourselves”

  1. Wow! When I think of what I went through, because I heard the false message that all gays go to hell, I begin to worry about others who are like me, but only hear this false message. What happens to those who want to believe but are turned off by likes of Westboro? But at the same time, I wonder about myself, being a hypocrtite and judging someone for judging me. I have to watch what I say, and make sure that I only speak the word of God, and keep my blasted opions to myself.

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    1. Yes, you would not expect Christians to be persecuting Christians, would you? It gets very confusing. If one disagrees, one is called a “Fake Christian” and then excluded. “Whosoever” (as in “whosoever believeth”) is one of my favorite words from the King James Version!

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