A Post With No Graphic

Today I’m doing something completely different, something I’ve not done before with Nickel Boy Graphics here on WordPress. I’m doing a post with no graphic. Seems odd, doesn’t it since this is “Nickel Boy Graphics,” right?

Today I’m doing this because I want to draw your attention to the work of an incredible photographer and writer, Shawn. Whatever time you would normally spend looking and thinking about what I post, please use it on his posts.

Life In Detox

Today is special because Shawn is entering detox today. Please take a look at his photographs and read about his experiences. Please pray for him.

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “A Post With No Graphic

  1. Thanks for linking to Shawn’s blog. I know is feeling anything but brave right now, but entering into our own twisted humanity, and facing addiction, is the epitome of bravery. I will keep him in prayer.

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    1. Thanks, Kristen. I was very relieved to see that he had posted on his blog yesterday, had made it there safely, and was actually welcomed with hugs from the staff. (Something that he hadn’t expected.) You’re exactly correct about the bravery part. Thanks again!

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