“Concerning That Bizarre Blue”


Although I really didn’t plan on using turquoise outlining, I think it works. It is the default color for the brush tool on the Adobe Draw app that I use. I did most of a whole drawing before I realized the outline wasn’t black!

The turquoise blue makes a contrast to many of the warmer colors like skin tones. To me, it helps to bring the drawing to life. I did try dark dray and black outlines after realizing this “mistake,” but they made me feel like there was something missing.

Though not intentional, it is similar to some of the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. He used contrasting colors quite often, including turquoise blue outlines occasionally. He is one of my favorite painters. Many people don’t know that he had tried to be a preacher of the Gospel. It was a task in which he failed in the eyes of men, but in which he succeeded, I believe, in his intense fervor for helping the poor.

As far as God intending for cartoons to have black outlines…That does bring up an interesting question about whether or not we should draw Jesus. Some people believe that the commandment about not making any images of God still applies, and so I try to respect that belief though I don’t completely agree. You will notice that I don’t make any drawings of Real Life Jesus, only of Laser Eyes Jesus. This is because we all “see” Jesus differently in our minds and hearts.

Some people spend a great amount of time debating things that really don’t matter very much in the whole scheme of things. Ashley Jennifer Smith’s adorable cuteness is the exception, of course!

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