“It’s Not About Because God Sort Of Has To”



The images used in this graphic page contrast two different worlds, yet whatever the Gospel is, it must have a message for both worlds.

The New Testament tells us that Jesus went about “preaching the gospel” and telling people to “believe the gospel.”

But what was that message? And what does it have to say to hurting children?

Whatever the Gospel is…it just can’t tell a hurting and lonely child, “God might, just might, love you because He sort of has to, but you don’t deserve to be loved or to have any friends.”

But God doesn’t “sort of have to” do anything. He is God after all, but there’s more to it than that. Whatever He does it’s because of who He is, He just can’t do anything differently, even if He tried. There is no “sort of” to His love.

I’m not sure if we can totally understand this kind of love, a love that has no other option but to love with unlimited expanding intensity. Words explain in part, but it must be experienced for a fuller understanding.

Hurting children ask some tough questions about God as Heavenly Father. Hurting grown ups do too. Often these questions can come from a comparison that is made to an earthly father.

But earthly fathers can do things differently. They do have choices. They can choose to NOT “sort of have to love” AT ALL.

They can make you feel like you need to earn their love. They can refuse to have any time for you to do things with you like what a friend would do. They can even make you wish that you had never been born.

Whatever The Gospel is…it must not be based on something God feels obligated to do or about something that you must make God want to do. It must be about adding more onto something that you already always had.

4 thoughts on ““It’s Not About Because God Sort Of Has To”

  1. NBG, While I no longer follow the black and white, us vs. them, circle the wagons, batten down the hatches, fundamentalist version of Christianity, I do believe in the “Good News” of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone and the fellowship with the Lord that results. I take it from your posts that you’re questioning what the “Good News” is?

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    1. Hi, Tom. Thanks for the great question!

      This series “Whatever The Gospel Is…” is written from the perspective of someone who is questioning. It seeks to examine “The Gospel” and “The Good News” by looking at what it is not rather than by what it is. This probably is a backwards way of looking at things, but I believe that when we rule out all of the things that The Gospel is not, all we will have left is salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone, just as you have said.

      It also tries to take a look at some of the reasons why people try to reject the whole idea of the existence of God. You may have heard, as I have, someone asking, “How can there be a God if he allows children to go hungry? If he allows children to be abused?” etc. These are valid and tough questions, though I don’t have all of the answers, that’s for sure.

      I hope that makes sense? I do worry about whether or not my meaning is coming across correctly and whether I’m communicating effectively, so seriously, any feedback you have is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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